NaPoWriMo #15

Children Killed My Poetic Career

I cant write a poem
because I have a little human
who doesn’t understand
personal space or self care;
who thinks quiet time and isolation
is punishment.

Reasoning is impossible
with a three year old;
battle to battle, I’ll win
but the overall war
I’ll lose, from pure exhaustion
and remembering what it was like
to be a tiny only child
who desperately needed
a cure for boredom.

I can’t even finish these thoughts
because she thinks
leaving Mama alone to work
is wedging herself
between my back and the couch
preventing my hand from working.

It’s a good thing
I’ve always viewed
my poetic career
as a personal satire!


NaPoWriMo 2018 #14

Germ Warfare

A plague upon both your houses!
I’m a warrior clad in gloves and a masks
armed with Lysol and bleach;

Baby went first,
then cousins across the complex,
then husband,
then sister-in-law–

I still stand, but I hear ticking
of a viral time bomb
as a reminder
nowhere is safe
against this invisible foe
and I know I’m next…

NaPoWriMo 2018 #13

Life Isn’t Fragile

Life is not fragile.
It can take a fall
a beating, a disease,
some poison, a heart break;
anything that can kill you
doesn’t always.

Life only seems fragile
because Death is quick.
When their breath stops
when their heart stops
when their eyes stop,
it’s infinite and hollow
life the lifeless body
in front of you;
impostor syndrome sets in
and you see your loved one
as foreign, a stranger
masquerading in a body you recognize
but doesn’t feel right

Life only seems fragile
because Death makes you question yours
as you see it taken
from those you cannot imagine
living without.

NaPoWriMo 2018 #12

My Own Mold

I’m an atheist,
but that doesn’t mean
I;m not human.

I feel secure
with my place in the universe
when I think about
it’s ever expanding vastness,
but that doesn’t stop me
from searching for meaning.

Growing up in a Christian world
and attending Christian churches
I still find myself
absent mindedly praying,
or explaining who I am
by a myriad of past lives,
or concluding my deja-vu
was because I’m the current
eidolon to my damen.

I binge paranormal anything
to give me answers
the bible never satisfied
which I think still falls under
the spectrum of atheism
but agnostics, Christians, and atheists alike
still shun my disbelief
because I still hold belief…
just in explainable scientific measures

It’s just another mold
I don’t fit into.

NaPoWriMo 2018 #10

Mother Enough

Much like Jackson Browne
I’m running on empty
and running blind.

My mother always told me
she never slept;
from the day I was born
one ear was always listening
and one eye was always watching–
I believed her, just never related.

I wish I still could not relate
but unfortunately I do,
or I guess fortunately
since being an adoptive mother
I am expected to be sincerely thankful
for every moment with my child–

Reality is,
no one wants to be awake
for three days
with a miniature flu factory

but even without the flu
I sleep with one ear listening
and one eye watching
because my life would end
if hers did.

That alone makes me
mother enough.

NaPoWriMo 2018 #9

Monday Car Troubles

The universe felt off today–
I couldn’t get out of bed
and neither could my toddler,
who seems to be a morning person
     only on the weekends.
An hour late to school
an hour late to work;
one cancellation
and the desire for another–
my magic is too powerful.
I felt that familiar sputter
as my steering wheel turned stiff
as my tires haulted
intersection of 17th and Rockefeller.
     Not my car
     I am getting paid to catch up on NaPoWriMo.